Help me
find a Talman

I'm always on the lookout for Talmans. I might be able to help you too!

Before you submit the form below, the best advice I can give is to constantly check sites like Reverb and eBay (also my store). You have to be ready to buy when the right one shows up! Depending on the model and color, some Talmans have become very desirable in recent years and sell fast.

Keep in mind, all Talmans are somewhat hard to find and purchase. Especially if you're used to being able to find a guitar you want with very little effort. These are not Fender strats, where hundreds of thousands exist. It's a niche product. You have to approach Talmans with a different mindset. In some extreme cases, I've searched for a specific model for 6+ years, before finally finding it.

I personally feel they are worth the effort! 😊

One last thing to note, if you're asking me to help, you should probably not expect the lowest price possible. There are deals to be found out there, but it's difficult. Also, if a Talman goes through my hands, I'll inspect and set it up to make sure everything is the way it should be.

OK, now help me find a Talman!

I need a country and postal code to help estimate shipping in future communication with you. International is ok too! I'll ship anywhere, but you will likely be responsible for your country's import taxes (outside USA).
Your budget for the guitar only, not including shipping. Please provide a realistic value to work with, and understand that any guitar I buy, I need to markup. If you're unsure about the current market value of the guitar you're searching for, just put the absolute max you can safely spend and let me know.

Level of interest (required)

I'm only casually searching. Let me know if you see it come up for sale or you get one. I understand I might miss out.
I'm serious, and ready to buy immediately. If you find it, please buy it and sell to me.
Note, if you're serious and it takes a long time to locate a guitar, I'll do my best to stay in contact, just in case anything changes.

Finder's fee (optional)

Only due when buying the guitar from Tal's Guide. It will be added to the total price.Note, I keep a list for each model and finish. Every request is processed on a first come, first served basis. The finder's fee is a great way to be placed at the top of the list, but those are also processed in order. So if multiple people are willing to pay the finder's fee, it's whoever requested first.
Anything else I should know?
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