1998 Ibanez catalog open to Talman pages


Checkout the official Ibanez catalog scans!

We are super lucky that Ibanez provides this resource! Very few manufacuturers do this.


  1. The catalog scans Ibanez provides are nice, but not perfect. In some cases you can see where holes were punched through the catalog (for storage in a 3-ring binder), thus destroying/obscuring some of the original page. If for any reason the official scans disappear, I'll do my best to make them available again. Additionally, I might also take better scans of the specific Talman related pages and make them available here. 
  2. The Ibanez website lists this Product News scan under the USA region, but note the TC830FM is the only model that was available in the USA. All other models mentioned (TC820, TC820FM, TC830) were available outside the USA. 
Last updated: 2023-03-03