I'm a die-hard Talman enthusiast. I've been researching and collecting these guitars for a long time. I fully believe they are the best kept secret in the guitar world.

I intend for this website to be "the place" to go for Talman info. Over the years I've acquired a lot of knowledge and feel the need to share it with the world. (I also just want other people to nerd out over Talmans with me!)

If you've never played a Talman I hope I can convince you to pick one up.

- Tal

My approach to Talman data/specs

I cross-reference original catalogs, price lists, magazine articles, books and other websites to double check all specs and Talman related info, but I've assumed nothing is true until I verify with real guitars in hand. If what I directly measure or witness conflicts with other sources, I assume my examination is more reliable. If I later discover any data is inaccurate I will update and correct it. My goal is for this website to be the authority on Talmans by having the most accurate, factual details.